Gets or sets the border style of the form.


object.FormBorderStyle [ = Long ]

Property Value

One of the following values:

Setting Long Description
None 0 No border.
FixedSingle 1 A fixed, single-line border.
Fixed3D 2 A fixed, three-dimensional border.
FixedDialog 3 A thick, fixed dialog-style border.
Sizable 4 A resizable border
FixedToolWindow 5 A tool window border that is not resizable.
SizableToolWindow 6 A resizable tool window border.


The border style of the form determines how the outer edge of the form appears. In addition to changing the border display for a form, certain border styles prevent the form from being sized. For example, the FixedDialog border style changes the border of the form to that of a dialog box and prevents the form from being resized. The border style can also affect the size or availability of the caption bar section of a form.

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Applies To: Form

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