KiXforms Version 2.46

The KiXforms Library is a freeware object oriented extension to the KiXtart scripting language. It provides a comprehensive collection of forms and controls for building many kinds of graphical applications.

KiXforms was developed by Shawn Tassie of CGI Canada. The KiXtart scripting language was developed by Ruud van Velsen of Microsoft Netherlands. The KiXforms Web Site site is developed and maintained by Rodney Clarke of BEA Systems UK.

This help file contains the latest information about KiXforms. For further information or to make suggestions or report bugs, please visit us at: The KiXforms Web Site

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Start to Finish Guide to Scripting with KiXtart The ultimate guide to KiXtart - tech-edited by the creator of KiXtart himself, Ruud van Velsen! As the first book available on the subject, The Start to Finish Guide to Scripting with KiXtart serves as a comprehensive reference for beginners and experts alike. Real-world code examples, tips on reported problems, and even alternative methods or utilities are provided throughout the book. Find out more.

KiXforms Designer This freeware tool provides a graphical interface to the creation of forms using the KiXforms DLL. Find out more.

Type Library Viewer (Freeware) This freeware tool provides a way to browse through type library files (.EXE, .DLL, .TLB, .OCX) and discover what methods, properties and events are provided by each. This proves quite useful when developing scripts that take advantage of COM architecture. Find out more.

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