A ProgressBar control visually indicates the progress of a lengthy operation.


The ProgressBar control displays a bar that fills in from left to right with the system highlight color as an operation progresses. The ProgressBar control is typically used when an application performs tasks such as copying files or printing documents. Users of an application might consider an application unresponsive if there is no visual cue. By using the ProgressBar in your application, you alert the user that the application is performing a lengthy task and that the application is still responding.

Using the ProgressBar

The Maximum and Minimum properties define the range of values to represent the progress of a task. The Minimum property is typically set to a value of zero, and the Maximum property is typically set to a value indicating the completion of a task. For example, to properly display the progress when copying a group of files, the Maximum property could be set to the total number of files to be copied. The Value property represents the progress that the application has made toward completing the operation. Because the bar displayed in the control is a collection of blocks, the value displayed by the ProgressBar only approximates the Value property's current value. Based on the size of the ProgressBar, the Value property determines when to display the next block.

There are a number of ways to modify the value displayed by the ProgressBar other than changing the Value property directly. You can use the Step property to specify a specific value to increment the Value property by, and then call the PerformStep method to increment the value. To vary the increment value, you can use the Increment method and specify a value with which to increment the Value property.

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