Represents a Windows rich text box control.


The RichTextBox control allows the user to enter and edit text while also providing more advanced formatting features than the standard TextBox control. Text can be assigned directly to the control, or can be loaded from a Rich Text Format (RTF) or plain text file. The text within the control can be assigned character and paragraph formatting.

The RichTextBox control provides methods that provide functionality for opening and saving files. The LoadFile method enables you to load an existing RTF or ASCII text file into the control. You can also load data from an already opened data stream. The SaveFile enables you to save a file to RTF or ASCII text. Similar to the LoadFile method, you can also use the SaveFile method to save to an open data stream. The RichTextBox control also provides features for finding strings of text. The Find method is overloaded to find both strings of text as well as specific characters within the text of the control.

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