Gets or sets the number of characters selected in the control.


SelectionLength [ = Long ]

Property Value

The number of characters selected.


You can use this property to determine if any characters are currently selected in the text box control before performing operations on the selected text. When the value of the SelectionLength property is set to a value that is larger than the number of characters within the text of the control, the value of the SelectionLength property is set to the entire length of text within the control minus the value of the SelectionStart property (if any value is specified for the SelectionStart property).

Note You can programmatically move the caret within the text box by setting the SelectionStart to the position within the text box where you want the caret to move to and set the SelectionLength property to a value of zero (0). The text box must have focus in order for the caret to be moved.

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Applies To: ComboBox | TextBox

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