Represents a splitter control that allows the user to resize docked controls.


The Splitter control enables you to resize controls that are docked to the edges of the Splitter control at run time. When the user passes the mouse pointer over the Splitter control, the cursor changes to indicate that the controls docked to the Splitter control can be resized. The Splitter control enables the user to resize the docked control that is immediately before it in the docking order. Therefore, to enable the user to resize a docked control, dock the control you want the user to be able to resize to an edge of a container, and then dock a splitter to the same side of that container.

For example, to create a window similar to Windows Explorer, add a TreeView control to a form and set its Dock property to Left. Add a Splitter control to the form and set its Dock property to Left as well. To complete the form layout, add a ListView control and set its Dock property to Fill to have the ListView occupy the remaining space on the form. At run time, the user can then resize the width of the TreeView control (as well as the ListView control) by moving the Splitter control. See the full example here.

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