Represents a single subitem in an Item. The SubItem object is a member of the SubItems collection. The SubItems collection contains all the SubItem objects contained in a single item.


A ListView control displays a list of items that are defined by the Item class. Each Item can store subitem objects that are defined by the SubItem class. Subitems are displayed when the View property of the ListView control is set to Details. Typically, subitems contain information that is related to their parent item. For example, if a ListView control displays items that represent orders, each item could display the order number. Subitems could be added to each item to display information such as the product ordered, the quantity of items ordered, and the total price of the items ordered. Unlike Item objects, SubItem objects cannot be edited directly by the user (the user can edit Item objects if the LabelEdit property of the ListView control is set to true).

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