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Web Site Description
KiXtart Bulletin Board This is an excellent bulletin board with many active subscribers. It is totally dedicated to the KiXtart scripting language, so if you need any help with your KiXtart problems then this should be the first place to try.
Admin Script Editor This company (iTripoli, Inc.) have produced an excellent editor dedicated to the KiXtart scripting language. They have also written a superb free tool called KiXforms Designer which provides a totally graphical interface for designing KiXforms dialogs.
ScriptLogic This company provides a superb resource center for KiXtart users and has a very comprehensive UDF library. They are also usually the first site to post the latest release of KiXtart.
scripting@wanadoo.nl This site lists a very large number of example scripts and utilities for use with KiXtart. If you are new to the language then you can learn a great deal from the code posted here.
KiXHelp This site is run by a major contributor to the KiXtart community called Ron Lewis (NTDOC). His site contains a fully searchable library of all the User Definable Functions (UDFs) that have been posted on the KiXtart Bulletin Board.

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