2.0.x Release Notes

KiXforms 2.0.5 (Build 33) - Released 15 Sep 2002

Task Switching Improvements

Improved task switching behavior. Keyboard focus is now restored to the previous control when task switching between forms and other windows applications. The next step is to enable the same feature when switching within forms itself.

HyperLink Object

Fixed some behaviors of the HyperLink object:
  1. Can now retrieve the Value (URL) property.
  2. Corrected constructor to properly display the Caption.
  3. ToolTips are now disabled by default.
The following example sets the ToolTip to be the same as the Value (URL) property text:

$HyperLink.ToolTip = $HyperLink.Value

Form Object

Added the FontTransparent property to the Form object. By default, FontTransparent is set to true. To print text on a form and totally erase any graphics underneath, set the FontTransparent property to false. Please note that when using a proportional font to overwrite text on a form, the space character can be very narrow (thin), and therefore a considerable number may be required to fully overwrite the entire area.

Added the OnActivate and OnDeactivate events to the Form object. These occur when a form is activated or deactivated by the user (task switching), or through code (popups). The very first (initial) OnActivate event for the main form object cannot be captured in the current release.

Added enhanced auto-refresh for Left, Top, Width and Height properties.

Key Events

Added the OnKeyDown Event. This occurs when a user presses a key while the object has the focus. Added the KeyCode Property. This returns the key code associated with the key that caused the OnKeyDown Event.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Sorted and List property memory leak.
Fixed automatic vertical and horizontal scroll bars for the ListBox and ComboBox object.

KiXforms 2.0.4 (Build 32) - Released 13 Sep 2002

ListBox & ComboBox Object

Added the Sorted property for both ListBox and ComboBox objects.

RadioButton Object

Added the TabGroup property for OptionButton/RadioButton objects. The TabGroup boolean designates the first RadioButton in a group of mutually exclusive RadioButtons.

TextBox Object

Added the ScrollBars property to the TextBox object. Valid values are:
  0 = No ScrollBars
  1 = Horizontal ScrollBar
  2 = Vertical ScrollBar
  3 = Horizontal and Vertical ScrollBars

Build Property

Returns the incremental build number of the current release as follows:

If $Form.Build < 32
  ? "Please upgrade ..."

Bug Fixes

Fixed Tabbing on child forms.
Fixed Refresh property for all objects.
Fixed ListIndex problem with ComboBox.
Fixed HyperLink Caption & Text property refresh problem.
Fixed TopMost property so that it no longer disables child forms.
Fixed PictureBox BorderStyle property with regard to bad window styles.

KiXforms 2.0.3 (Build 31) - Released 27 Aug 2002

OnAbout Event

Added the OnAbout event to the Form object. This will allow one to override and customize the default About menu item in SysMenu.

WordWrap Property

A boolean indicating whether the TextBox supports (automatic) horizontal scrolling of text, or automatic wrapping of text to the next line.

For a single-line TextBox, WordWrap is FALSE by default. Text will automatically scroll horizontally. To disable horizontal scrolling, set WordWrap to TRUE. Since there is no "next line" in a single-line control, this effectively limits input to the width of the control.

For a mutli-line TextBox, WordWrap is TRUE by default. Text will automatically wrap to the next line and not scroll horizontally. To enable horizontal scrolling, set WordWrap to FALSE.

AcceptsTab Property

A boolean indicating whether the control accepts the TAB key as user input.

AcceptsReturn Property

A boolean indicating whether the control accepts the RETURN key as user input.

KiXforms 2.0.2 (Build 30) - Released 20 Aug 2002

ProgressBar Object

Enabled the Min and Max properties for the ProgressBar control.

TextBox Object

Added the Locked property to the TextBox object.

BorderStyle Property

Added more features to the BorderStyle property for all objects:
  0 = None
  1 = Line
  2 = Sunken
  3 = Raised
  4 = Framed

KiXforms 2.0.1 (Build 29) - Released 19 Aug 2002

TrackBar Object

Changed the name of the TrackBar object to the Slider object.

ProgressBar Object

Added the BackColor and ForeColor properties to the ProgressBar object.

ComboBox/ListBox Object

Changed the ComboBox and ListBox objects so that they are NOT sorted by default.

Orientation Property

Changed (switched) the Orientation property to the following:
  0 = Horizontal
  1 = Vertical

KiXforms 2.0.0 (Build 28) - Released 17 Aug 2002

Initial Release.