2.1.x Release Notes

KiXforms 2.1.2 (Build 36) - Released 3 Nov 2002

ListView Object

Added support for deleting columns from the ListView object. The syntax is as follows:


SpinButton Object

Fixed the SpinButton long duration click behavior. The control will no longer stall when holding down the arrow buttons. Also corrected automatic SpinButton acceleration. The new behavior is that as the arrows buttons are depressed for various durations, the increment (or decrement) will accelerate by more than one. Refer to following table for acceleration levels:

Seconds Value +/-
0-2 1
2-5 5
5+ 20

Icon Support

Added support for extracting icons from EXEs. The syntax is to provide the full path of an executable followed by the index number of the icon to extract; for example:

$Button.Icon = "c:\folder\program.exe;n"

This release of KiXforms will return the 32x32 (large) version of the icon. It cannot return the 16x16 (small) version of the icon at this time.

Bug Fix

Fixed the changing of BorderStyle=0 for all controls. Prior behavior did not account for expansion or contraction of the client area by the addition or removal of a border. The effect was mostly evident for the Image control where bitmap a was stretched incorrectly. The new behavior accounts for this.

KiXforms 2.1.1 (Build 35) - Released 19 Oct 2002

ListView Object

Added HeaderStyle property to ListView object (write-only). Settings are as follows:
  0 = Header hidden
  1 = Header visible, but not clickable
  2 = Header visible, and clickable

Added Insert method to ListView Item Collection. Usage is as follows:

$Item = $ListView.Items.Insert(index,text)

This creates a new item and inserts it into the collection at the specified index. To add an item to the beginning of this list, specify this:

$Item = $ListView.Items.Insert(0,"John Doe")

To insert an item to the the end of list, specify this:

$Item = $ListView.Items.Insert($ListView.Items.Count,"John Doe")

The previous example performs the same action as Items.Add()

TextBox Object

Added SuperLocked setting to TextBox Locked property. The new settings for locked are as follows:
  0 = Unlocked
  1 = Locked (user can copy & navigate only)
  2 = SuperLocked (user can navigate only)

InputBox Method

Changed InputBox to initially set focus to the text box on startup and to pre-select (highlight) the default string.

Feature Changes & Improvements

Much improved sorting of ListView control via ColumnHeader click.
The Enabled property for all objects now supports True/False strings.
Changed the handling of the Default button and TextBoxes on the same form.

Bug Fixes

Fixed filter problem with FileOpenDialog and FileSaveDialog.
Fixed ListView FullRowSelect to respond to boolean True/False.
Fixed various memory leaks when returning objects from ListView.
Fixed RadioButtons on forms that have subforms with child controls.

KiXforms 2.1.0 (Build 34) - Released 5 Oct 2002

ListView Object

Added ListView control. See Whitepaper on usage.

ProgressBar Object

Added Style and Orientation properties:

Style = n
  0 = Blocked (Chunky) style bar
  1 = Solid (Smooth) style bar

Orientation = n
  0 = Horizontal progress bar
  1 = Vertical progress bar

Note - a ProgressBar (or Slider or Spinner) has a feature called auto-orientation. For example, if the width of a horizontal progressbar is greater than its height, the progressbar will be automatically "flipped" into the vertical position when the orientation property is changed. This behavior was by design. To avoid this behavior. Set the orientation BEFORE setting the width or height, or reset it afterwards.

ComboBox Object

Added Style property. ComboBoxes can now be set to one of the following three styles:

0 = DropDown
  The text portion is editable.
  The user must click the arrow button to display the list portion.

1 = DropDownList
  The user cannot directly edit the text portion.
  The user must click the arrow button to display the list portion.

2 = Simple
  The text portion is editable.
  The list portion is always visible.

Color Support

Added ColorName support for BackColor and ForeColor properties. For example, to set the background color of a Form to blue, one can now say this:

BackColor = "SkyBlue"
ForeColor = "IndianRed"

Most standard color names are supported. There are tons of colorname charts on the web for example:


ClientSize Property

Added ClientSize property (write-only). Sets the inner width and height of an object. Useful for correctly scaling the inside dimensions of forms and frames, example:

$Form.ClientSize = 640,480

Bounds Property

Added Bounds property (write-only) to all objects. An array that sets the bounding location and dimension (Left, Top, Width, and Height) of an object, example:

$Form.Bounds = 10,10,200,300

Feature Changes & Bug Fixes

Fixed setting MousePointer back to 0 & 1 (Default/Arrow).
Fixed OnKeyDown property to work with all all versions of KiXtart.
Enabled rapid clicking of CommandButtons. Buttons no longer support the OnDoubleClick event.