The KiXforms web site is now accepting donations via PayPal. Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions to make a contribution.

The following FAQ will hopefully answer all your queries, however please feel free to use the Site Feedback form to raise any other questions.

Why are you now accepting donations?

There are several reasons why:

1. To help cover the annual domain name registrar and commercial hosting fees. The KiXforms web site is now entering its fourth year of hosting and to date all such costs have been privately funded.

2. To enable the implementation of new features and functionality on the web site. We have many ideas to improve the KiXforms site, however some of them require commercial software and/or additional hosting resources such as MySQL databases.

3. To provide the KiXforms developer (Shawn) and the KiXforms webmaster (Rod) with new and updated development and web authoring software.

4. And finally, because a surprising number of people have e-mailed us and asked to make a donation. It kinda restores your faith in humanity.

Will this web site disappear if the donations don’t meet the hosting costs?

I very much doubt it, not unless my personal circumstances change drastically. While Shawn continues to develop the KiXforms library and/or there is a moderate number of individuals who wish to share their knowledge, then this web site will remain.

What do I get for making a donation?

Apart from a warm feeling inside, we may create a “KiXforms Supporters” page and several new “Donator” ranks on the bulletin board so that you can be publicly recognised for your contribution (if you desire).

Can I dictate features and functionality if I make a donation?

Absolutely not. There are no terms and conditions attached to a donation. However, we may be more prepared to listen to a request from a donator than a non-donator.

Ok you’ve convinced me, how much do you want?

There are no limits. We are very grateful for whatever you can spare for the KiXforms cause. Of course, if you are a large corporate organisation and have benefited enormously from the KiXforms library then we would hope that you could dig a little deeper than a private donator. Please note that PayPal will deduct 3.4% + $0.30 from your donation to cover their processing fees e.g. a $10.00 donation would actually benefit KiXforms to the value of $9.36.